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Banda Bear Pledge

As a Banda Bear I promise to:

  • Come to school ready to learn
  • Act respectfully
  • Act responsibly
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Work as team player
  • Be a problem solver

As a Banda Bear I will use these skills at home, at school and in our community.

From the Principal


Dear Bandelier Families,

The Bandelier staff and I welcome our students and families to the 2019-2020 academic year!  Bandelier is a special school that is centered on our students.  We do our best to take the time to know our students, challenge them, and support them in their needs.  We search out staff members who are dedicated, compassionate, and talented in their field. 

I’ve reflected on my own childhood summers growing up in Las Vegas, NM.  Those carefree days were filled with playing in a field across the road from our home (and capturing all kinds of reptiles, much to my mother’s dismay!), weekly visits to the Carnegie Public Library, creating a secret Vampire Club with friends, sleepovers in our backyard, and Arkansas visits with family & catching fireflies with cousins.  I remember the excitement during the summer of 1969 watching the first moon landing.  I am grateful to my family for the childhood I had.  As summer drew to an end, I remember the excitement and anticipation of another school year.  I did not realize at the time the happy school memories I would reflect upon years later, and the gratitude I still have of the educational foundation my teachers gifted me.  I will also always be indebted to my caring & loving teachers, the foundation I received, and the inspiration that became a part of who I am today.  Know that our Bandelier staff will always do their best in caring, loving, and inspiring your child as well.


Ann McCoy



     The PTA will host their annual Welcome Back Cruise Wednesday, August 28.  At this informal event, you can view the opportunities of supporting your child as well as the many other children at Bandelier.  I hope you are able to make time for these  worthwhile  events.  Your partnership in your child’s education ensures your child’s success, and attending school functions, conferences, and volunteering is invaluable.   

     It is our goal to keep you informed of all that takes place at Bandelier.  Information is available on our school web page at, in the Banda Bear News, and through your child’s classroom communication set up by his/her teacher.  If you have questions or concerns that arise at any time, you are welcome to contact your child’s teacher or our office staff at 255-8744.   

     Thank you for choosing Bandelier as your child’s school and being a part of our school community.  I look forward to building long and rewarding relationships with our students and their families.  My pledge is to do my very best for each of our students throughout the school year.   


Ann McCoy


3309 Pershing Street SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106 (Map)

Phone: (505) 255-8744
Fax: (505) 260-2035

Cafeteria: 505-255-6527
Children's Choice: 505-459-0576

School Song

Banda Bears are gentle bears,
We cooperate and we play fair,

We know that we’re good and we can share our love.

This is for real and it’s not a dream,
Banda Bear students work as a team,

The parents of the Banda Bears are beyond compare.

We are the bears,
The Banda, Banda Bears,

We can’t be denied.

Our students are the best,
Best teachers in the West,

We’ve got Bandelier Pride!