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Contact Leo Dexter  Leo Dexter Educational Assistant
Contact Joanna Dokladna  Joanna Dokladna Staff
Contact Deborah Gutierrez  Deborah Gutierrez Teacher
Contact Wendy Kostora  Wendy Kostora Educational Assistant
Contact Cynthia Mathews  Cynthia Mathews Educational Assistant
Contact Carol Price  Carol Price Teacher
Contact Melinda Rodriguez  Melinda Rodriguez Teacher
Contact Stephanie Walstrom  Stephanie Walstrom Teacher
1st Grade
Contact Amanda Hallett  Amanda Hallett Teacher
Contact Ashton Lanclos  Ashton Lanclos Teacher
Contact Jamie Scott  Jamie Scott Teacher
2nd Grade
Contact Tera Kemp  Tera Kemp Teacher
Contact Sonja Kortsch  Sonja Kortsch Teacher
Contact Tayler Rosado  Tayler Rosado Teacher
Contact Sabrina Stevens  Sabrina Stevens Teacher
3rd Grade
Contact Elizabeth Lansford  Elizabeth Lansford Teacher
Contact Lhasa Lea  Lhasa Lea Teacher
4th Grade
Contact Laura Burns  Laura Burns Teacher
Contact Hannah Davis  Hannah Davis Teacher
Contact Juliett Foreman  Juliett Foreman Teacher
Contact Kurt Hedin  Kurt Hedin (505) 255-8744 Teacher
Contact Jenna Minner  Jenna Minner Teacher
Special Ed
Contact Shannon Francis  Shannon Francis Teacher
Contact Derek Gray  Derek Gray Teacher
Contact Juliette Harbaugh  Juliette Harbaugh Educational Assistant
Contact Kristen Hurd Demeule  Kristen Hurd Demeule Teacher
Contact Megan Neeson  Megan Neeson Staff
Contact Donna Woods  Donna Woods Head Special Education Teacher
Contact Travis Worthington  Travis Worthington Staff
Contact Christine Fietek  Christine Fietek Teacher
Contact Chaytea Nielsen  Chaytea Nielsen Teacher
Contact Sandra Serafin  Sandra Serafin Teacher
Contact Martha Sierra  Martha Sierra Teacher of the Gifted/ Head teacher

School Contact Information

3309 Pershing Street SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106 (Map)
Phone: (505) 255-8744
Fax: (505) 260-2035
Cafeteria: (505) 255-6527
Children's Choice: (505) 459-0576


Contact Annette Mccoy  Annette Mccoy Principal
Contact Josephine Peynetsa  Josephine Peynetsa (505) 255-8744 ex: 27404 Secretary
Contact Robert Talbert  Robert Talbert Assistant Principal
Contact Hollis Tilson  Hollis Tilson (505) 255-8744 ex: 27400 Clerk
health office
Contact Deborah Hill  Deborah Hill School Nurse
Contact Alec Loeser  Alec Loeser Educational Assistant
Contact Audrey Colwell  Audrey Colwell Instructional Coach
Contact Alayne Dexter-scholz  Alayne Dexter-scholz Teacher-Librarian
Support Staff
Contact Sidney Alley  Sidney Alley OT
Contact Ben Kroll  Ben Kroll Social Worker
Contact Robert Bingham  Robert Bingham Custodian
Contact Aaron Delgado Viesca  Aaron Delgado Viesca Staff
Contact Adrian Martinez  Adrian Martinez Staff