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Should I Come To School?
Isolation? Quarantine? Can I Come to School?

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Access Your Shot Records

Did you know… you can now print your own vaccination records at:

Access this website and enter the information requested; then download the document and/or print! enables individuals, parents, and guardians to access, save and/or print official immunization records. This eliminates the need to carry multiple or aged documents and allows you to access your shot record anytime you need. is mobile friendly and uses two-factor authentication. Please see attached flyer! (Click link on the left for IMP-NMSIIS-VaxView-Flyer.pdf) Please ask your child's immunization provider to be sure to enter your correct contact information in to "NMSIIS" when recording the vaccine. If site does not work for you, it is because they do not have this information. If this happens call the NMSIIS Help Desk at 1-833-882-6454.

BES Health Office--Home Page

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Welcome to the Bandelier Virtual Health Office!

Deborah Hill, School Nurse, and Alec Loeser, Health Assistant, here to welcome you all to a new and unique school year! 

Scroll down to see our very silly "Welcome to the Health Office" video! 

The Health Office will join with teachers, counselors, and staff in providing holistic services that consider the whole child and their family and/or community in our delivery of care... now in the context of online learning during this time of sheltering at home and being "in school" in new ways! Of course, we cannot provide the usual services like screening and injury triaging and provision of Band-Aids and Nurse Crackers... but we can certainly be in touch with you to continue case management of chronic illnesses, health questions, immunization review, health reports needed for programming (IEPs, etc) and in some way, provide a safe and comforting place to rest when things get hard to handle!!

As we transition back to in-person programming and are learning from home to start, the Nurse/Health office will be available to you online. Our Virtual Health Office is located online here at our website and via Google Meet. We will be online and waiting for your visit Monday through Friday from 12pm to 1pm to start and will add more and/or adjust these hours as we go forward. 

While logged into your child's (or your) APS account, click the Google Meet icon below to join Virtual Office Hours via Google Meet.


OR, while logged into your child's (or your) APS account, use this url to get more information or find links to join a session to chat with us: 

Please also contact the health office via email or call/text in addition to virtual health office hours if you have student health questions or concerns:, or call/text at 505-750-8612.

**Our health office is not a replacement for your usual provider (MD, NP, PA) or emergency services. If this is a medical crisis or emergency please call your provider or 911!** If you believe you may be experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, call the NM Department of Health Hotline at 1-855-600-3453. If you feel you are in emotional or mental health crisis, contact the NM Crisis Line at 1-855-662-7474 (1-855-NMCRISIS).


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Health Office Staff
Contact Deborah Hill  Deborah Hill School Nurse
Contact Alec Loeser  Alec Loeser Educational Assistant

Please reach us during school hours, Monday through Friday:, Health office: 505-255-8744 ext. 27411 (or option 3)


Call/text: 505-750-8612

Fax documents/orders/health plans to: 505-253-0112



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