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Health and Wellness Team

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The Health and Wellness Team collaborates with school staff and families to enhance student achievement by addressing barriers to learning. Focusing on students' physical, emotional, and social wellness needs is part of a comprehensive approach to academic success.

The role of the Health/Wellness Team is to work collaboratively to support teachers, students, and their families. Meetings are intended to develop communication between the team and families to address student social/emotional issues. The Health/Wellness Team can give families appropriate resources for support. The team can help determine intervention plans, monitor student progress, and follow up as needed.

Partnership in Health and Wellness

Bandelier’s Health/Wellness Team:

  • Principal: Daniel Montano
  • School Counselor: Erin Day-Chesley, MA, LPSC
  • School Nurse: Katie Jackson, FNP, MSN, RN
  • Social Worker: Amanda Contreras, LMSW
  • Re-Director: Kira McKay
  • Classroom Teacher of the referred student

The school Social Worker and Community Counselor (contracted with APS) may also be included in meetings as deemed appropriate. Teachers typically refer students to Health/Wellness, however, if parents have concerns about their student, please contact me to schedule a meeting.