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All Call for Donations!
Posted 12/5/18

Each year a small group of parents had donated gifts (and in the last few years, have switched to making monetary donations to our most "In Need Families" at Bandelier Elementary.  So that the money can be collected and given to the families that the school, the principal and counselor have identified the families in greatest need. 


This year, more families (including more kids/gift) have been identified and the small group donation will likely not make the dent we need.  So, we are asking that ANY and ALL Bandelier Families who are able and willing to contribute towards gift cards for 5 families in need, please follow the steps below (even a small donation - between $1-5 - will make a huge difference). The families that receive the gift-cards use the cards to buy gifts for their children.


Deadline: Monday, Dec 17th - 3:30 pm

Where:  Bring (cash only) donations to Josephine (in the office).

Do NOT give cash to the teachers. Teachers are not allowed to handle PTA money.