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Medication Pick-up and Registration Information from BES Health Office
Posted 5/14/19

Hello from your BES Health Office!




Reminder letters were sent home first week of May for all students with medications or supplies in the health office. In preparation for closing the office for the summer, we will need parents/guardians to pick up all medications and supplies stored here. We cannot hold them for you over the summer. Albuterol (inhalers) and epinephrine autoinjectors (EpiPen, AuviQ) can be sent home in student’s backpacks but all other medications must be signed out by parent/guardian. If you would prefer we NOT send Albuterol and/or EpiPens home with your student please come to pick those up as well.


The health office will close at 12pm on Thursday, May 23, 2019. If medications have not been picked up by that time, we will dispose of them. AGAIN: medications and supplies will NOT be kept in the office during the summer. New supplies, medications, and provider orders will be needed for the new school year. (SY 19-20).



The ParentVue registration system for APS was new last year and we still have growing edges! It is important for the health office that you enter your student’s health information into the “Health Conditions” and “Medications” sections. Entering this data lets me know your child’s health needs right at the beginning of the year. I will go through all the entries and make my usual calls to follow up on any health conditions you’ve noted to determine if your child needs special services and/or medication in the health office.


As always, I will need you to have your provider complete Asthma, Allergy, and/or medication orders (aka Asthma Action Plan, Allergy Action Plan, Provider Order-Medication Authorization forms) if your child will have medications or supplies in the health office. These forms can be found online (click the Nurse tab on the BES website) or here in the health office. ****Please print and take these forms with you to any provider visits you have during the summer break and ask that, if needed, the provider complete them and provide new prescriptions so that your child can begin school with medications and/or supplies in place from the start.


Check out ParentVUE and online registration via or via the website. Make sure you have your student’s APS ID # handy to be able to more easily access ParentVue!!


Please come by or call the BES Health Office for information or support.

Deborah Hill MSN, RN

255-8744 x 27411